LOC.ID Akustische Führung für Blinde per App


App-based guide for people with a visual impairment

Digital technologies can improve the orientation of blind and visually impaired people in road traffic with high efficiency. LOC.id is a Bluetooth-based system that is used in a wide range of applications, e.g. at traffic lights or for passenger information in public transport.

This app for the blind acts as a transmitter and is alternatively available as a handheld device. When the user approaches a receiver-equipped facility, he or she is detected and, for example, a raised orientation signal is emitted or a voice-controlled guided tour is started. In addition, LOC.id can also be used to automatically extend a green light period.

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Stefan Biebl
Sales North America
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Sandra Wille
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The LOC.id system is a blind aid that offers perfect protection for local residents and can be easily installed on smartphones. Simply download the LOC.id app – and blind and vision-impaired pedestrians can start enjoying the benefits of this unique solution straight away.

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