“Schlosskreuzung” pilot project

Intelligent traffic flow management through continuous traffic monitoring

High-traffic volume and stop-and-go traffic in the city’s streets create pollution and noise. Local driving restrictions reduce emissions over the short term locally, but do not solve the long-term problem. The aim of the project is to not only improve the flow of traffic and thereby reduce emissions, but also to improve the quality of life of the residents nearby and reduce the waiting period of all road users.

RTB provides the expertise and the measuring equipment for collecting traffic data and for traffic flow management. Measuring systems and their communication interfaces are further developed according to requirements for optimal traffic flow management. Furthermore, innovative evaluation algorithms will be developed, which facilitate not only metering but also a classification and behavioral analysis of road users and the identification of traffic bottlenecks.

This project is supported by funding granted for digital model regions in North Rhine-Westphalia with a total of EUR 1.7 million from the Ministry of Finance, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Under the special direction of the Heinz Nixdorf Institute at the University of Paderborn.

1 Schlosskrezung 1

ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg

The ITS World Congress is held every three years. As most other trade fairs in 2021 have already been canceled, this meeting point for the industry has become even more important than usual. And all the more so for Germany and its European neighbors because, this year, the ITS World Congress is due to be held in Hamburg from 11 to 15 October. The event will focus on intelligent traffic systems, including automated and connected driving, modern infrastructure, and sustainable mobility.