Traffic census

Unique radar system

The new generation of the TOPO product family is the only radar system that can integrate an environmental sensor in addition to length and speed measurement and axle detection. In addition to the certified capturing and classification of traffic data, environmental data such as temperature, air pressure, humidity, particulate matter pollution of the classes PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 as well as the combination of nitrogen oxides and ozone can now also be measured.

Via the 4G/LTE standard, all captured data can be transmitted directly in real time, which is particularly suitable for congestion forecasts and precise traffic control. The proven use as a permanent or long-term counting point thus receives an even improved quality. Used inside and outside of urban areas, the devices can either be integrated into a standard reflector post or installed on various pole systems.

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Stefan Biebl
Sales North America

TOPO systems for precise traffic data acquisition are quickly and easily installed. The TOPO app can be used to put the systems into operation and calibrated directly on-site. The theft warning function can also be activated and deactivated with the TOPO app.

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