Forschung in der Verkehrstechnik

Researchproject INSPIRE

Integrated security pilot region (INSPIRE)

There have been numerous promising individual solutions that have evolved over the past years in the digitization sector for civilian emergency response. However, these individual solutions have differing operating concepts, media discontinuities, sometimes redundant data, heterogeneous data formats, or cannot be integrated in existing systems, making them only somewhat helpful in real world applications. Emergency personnel from various organizations need fast, simple and targeted access to all relevant information so they can help citizens in the best way possible.

Furthermore, there is valuable, but untapped potential in the combination of heterogeneous data sources. The aim of the integrated security pilot region (INSPIRE) project is to integrate existing and innovative heterogeneous individual solutions (smart home/construction, passenger measurement, drones, and social media) into the operational support provided by civilian emergency response teams so that innovative applications for emergency personnel and the general public become a reality. A pilot project is currently being implemented in Paderborn, which can be expanded and used in other regions as well.

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INSPIRE research project: Funding for the digital model region of East Westphalia-Lippe by the Ministry of Finance, Innovation, Digitization and Energy for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia over a period of three years with approximately EUR 1.5 million.