It is now almost a year since we have established our own sales company in Hong Kong. RTB has already been represented in the region since 2003, but now these activities are being further actively expanded by our own local staff and extended to the entire Asia-Pacific region. First contacts to Singapore already exist and are very promising. And YOU can now reach RTB 24 hours a day, from British Columbia via Bad Lippspringe to Hong Kong!

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...are the push buttons from RTB! Because in the various regions and countries of the world, they meet the most diverse requirements. In Germany, the walk signal is perceived as a fairly uniform beeping, whereas in North America it is a chirping sound or the call of the cuckoo for orientation by direction. In Colombia, on the other hand, the inner electronics of the push buttons have to withstand the air pressure prevailing at an altitude of around 2,000 meters. Scandinavia has opted for a particularly stylish version in blue with a white LED cap, while for Saudi Arabia the components have to be specially adapted to withstand the enormous heat of up to 80°C. No problem at all! And the RTB push buttons and acoustics in conjunction with also ensure a high level of safety at Hong Kong Airport.

So they get around the world! Do you also have a special challenge that needs to be mastered?