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PDM.control is our software tool for managing all connected parking ticket machines. It provides a location and status overview and enables the central coordination of software updates. In order to know at any time what the revenue situation is, the statistics function provides an overview of all transactions. PDM.control also offers a dynamic bonus system for customer-oriented bonus allocation as well as the option of dynamic parking time extension.

Our LOBO.control web application supports management of parking garages that are fitted with single parking space sensors or the NOSCO balancing system. It includes an overview of the occupancy status at all parking garages and levels connected to the system. LOBO.control gives users a first-class overview of all parking spaces, sensors, monitoring points and cameras. It also adds real value with its concise statistical analysis, control of all units and easy navigation with clear button icons.

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ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg

The ITS World Congress is held every three years. As most other trade fairs in 2021 have already been canceled, this meeting point for the industry has become even more important than usual. And all the more so for Germany and its European neighbors because, this year, the ITS World Congress is due to be held in Hamburg from 11 to 15 October. The event will focus on intelligent traffic systems, including automated and connected driving, modern infrastructure, and sustainable mobility.